Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Sundays at Gimli Unitarian Church

The Gimli Unitarian Church will open for the summer season on Sunday, July 1, 2010, continuing on the "odd" Sundays of the month (1st and 3rd) until the final service of the season on Sunday, September 2. Services are at 11:00 a.m. in the congregation’s landmark building at 76 Second Avenue.  Dress is casual -- after all, it's cottage season!

July 1 Faith Under Fire: Religious Liberals and the War of 1812 – There were not yet any Unitarian or Universalist churches in Canada at the time of the War of 1812, but most American Unitarians distinguished themselves from their fellow citizens by opposing the war as ill-advised and unjust. On the other hand, our Universalist forebears were more likely to support the war.  Why were religious liberals at odds with one another in 1812?  And what difference does it make two centuries later? Rev. Stefan Jonasson

July 15 To Whom It May Concern – It is said that prayer is at the heart of religion – some say, it is the oldest religious experience in the world. This service explores the premise that prayer is a natural, universal, even helpful impulse, whether or not we profess belief in a Deity.  Rev. Millie Rochester

August 5 Is Compassion Out of Fashion? – In today's highly polarized political climate, compassion seems out of fashion. Is that because showing and practicing compassion is seen as a weakness? Or is it because being compassionate is a difficult spiritual practice for anyone, especially those in adversarial professions like politics? Rev. Wayne Arnason & Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

August 19Dwelling in Tents – Ever since God is alleged to have given the ancient Hebrews a Promised Land -- and likely long before that -- humans have been marking their territory, not unlike our four-legged friends, under the illusion that whole territories are somehow permanent and inviolate. Yet simple observation shows that we are nomads and no civilization or state has wholly stemmed to tides of migration.  Rev. Stefan Jonasson

September 2 Priceless: What Money Can’t Buy – It was the apostle Paul who wrote that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and, over the course of two millennia, age after age has supplied evidence to support his assertion, although I personally think it’s actually second to the love of power.  But money can’t buy you love, as The Beetles sang, and notwithstanding the present idolatries of the market economy, money can’t buy us most of what we treasure in life.  Rev. Stefan Jonasson